Hypnosis greatly reduces or eliminates distractive elements in the immediate surroundings, such as noise or motion, and more importantly the distractions from our own random thoughts which are ever-present. A certified and experienced Hypnotist acts as a guide while inducing a state of relaxation to a willing and receptive subject. Once this state is achieved the unconscious mind accepts the suggestions.
Simply put yes, if you want it to. “Hypnosis is a focused state of mind that is achieved by the wilful cooperation of the recipient with an experienced and certified hypnotist.” During hypnosis, the subject is able to “zero in” on the specific areas of the mind through the ‘power of suggestion.’
As a therapy, hypnosis can be used for changing behaviour, overcoming fears and phobias, conquering stress and anxiety, breaking bad or damaging habits, losing weight, personal development depression, and much, much more.
Safer than taking drugs, safer than invasive surgery. Your mind is in control! You will not do anything that you wouldn’t do if you were awake. You will not become unconscious and you will be aware of everything at all times. Your will is not weakened in any way. You are in control and cannot be made to do anything against your will. You will not begin to reveal information you wish to keep secret. Hypnosis is not sleep.